1. Practically pain free dentistry!

SHOTS, DRILLS, POKING, SCRAPING. Do you HATE these things? Do these things HURT you? One of the main reasons people like you will love our office is that we do EVERYTHING possible to make sure you don’t feel a thing! Dr. Zac’s technique can truly eliminate your PAIN, FEAR, and ANXIETY when going to the dentist. It will be an experience you have never had before!

2. Consideration for your valuable time.

Have you ever gone to a dentist or doctor and WAITED 30-60 minutes or longer before you were even seen? Have you ever waited so long that your actual appointment time was less than your wait time? Have you ever called in early to make sure everything was on schedule to see you on time because you had something important to do, but still had to miss out because your appointment and wait time took too long? These kinds of things upset us too! WE ARE DIFFERENT. We will RESPECT YOUR TIME. Our time is important to us, but we understand that yours is important to you as well. We PROMISE to make every effort possible to see you PROMPTLY at your reserved appointment time and complete your treatment QUICKLY in as few visits as possible.

3. Impeccable advanced care at one location!

Don’t you HATE it when you go to the dentist or doctor and they refer you out to other dentists or doctors to the point that you’re driving all around town or even out of town to get your treatment done? Have you noticed that each time you get referred to another doctor that office CHARGES YOU another exam or consultation fee then usually make you another appointment 1 to 2 weeks later to get the actual work done you thought you were going to get done at the first office. Meanwhile you’re stuck at home and in pain waiting for somebody to finally take care of you!

Wouldn’t you LOVE it if all your treatment could be done at one location in a FRACTION OF THE TIME and a FRACTION OF THE COST? Wouldn’t you be HAPPY if there was a dentist or doctor that was confident and skilled enough to handle practically all your dental needs under one roof? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save all that extra TIME and MONEY?

We can HELP you! We can save you time and money and we can make you happy because we are different! We are capable of doing SO MUCH MORE for you. We will save you time and money.

4. Your satisfaction and happiness!

Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if after you went to the dentist, whom you know you absolutely hate going to, and spent money you worked very hard to get, but for the first time in your life left feeling HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, and completely SATISFIED? Is it possible to be happy you went and spent money at the DREADED DENTIST? We will try everything possible to make you feel this way because WE WANT YOU BACK! We want you to refer your friends, family, and co-workers to us! How are we ever going to do that unless you are completely 100% SATISFIED with us? We are COMMITTED to providing you with the kind of service we would want for ourselves. Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.

5. Affordable dentistry for the entire family!

Does dentistry COST TOO MUCH? Would you rather use your hard earned CASH or SAVINGS for something else? Are your own teeth ROTTING away and HURTING because you can only afford to keep your children’s teeth healthy? We can help! Not only do we accept insurances, but we have UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE payment plans if you need to spread out the cost of treatment for up to 5 years! You can get, for example, $10,000 worth of dentistry for just $167 a month!!! Most people don’t need $10,000 worth of treatment, in fact the LIFETIME cost of dentistry for the average person is around $4,000 (or $67 per month). For a complete list of all our payment options and discounts click here. Don’t BURDEN yourself or your checkbook with someone who doesn’t understand your particular financial situation. Let someone care for you who UNDERSTANDS you, cares for you, and genuinely wants you to feel better no matter what your financial situation is.

6. We will not overcharge you, scam you, or play you for a fool!

Have you ever started treatment with a doctor or dentist and then all of a sudden part way through treatment an extra HIDDEN fee jumped out at you and you were forced to pay it? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what it’s going to cost before you agree to proceed? Do these HIDDEN, UNEXPECTED fees make you think that doctors and dentists are SCAMMING you? This breaks our hearts to know that these kinds of things are happening every day giving other honest dentists and doctors bad names. We will not SCAM you or play you for a FOOL. We are honest, straightforward, and DIFFERENT.

7. Immediate Emergency Service!

How many times have you had a dental EMERGENCY and had to wait 2 days, 3 days, or even 3 weeks before you could get an appointment? Have you ever gone to the emergency room at the hospital with what you considered a very serious emergency, were TREATED HORRIBLY, and then had to WAIT in their UNCOMFORTABLE waiting room for hours upon hours to be seen? When Dr. Zac was in dental school he got a big chunk of his ear bitten off by a dog (ask him to show you his scar) and he waited all night long, BLEEDING and IN PAIN, in an emergency room that was too loud and UNCOMFORTABLE to sleep in for a total of 9 1/2 hours until he was finally seen and treated (he was treated and stitched up without anesthetic because the doctor said he didn’t have time to get him numb). In fact when he left the hospital he had to go directly to his Oral Pathology class for a quiz he didn’t get to study or sleep for! Many of you have probably experienced something similar but that day Dr. Zac, very upset, vowed to never become like that hospital, in fact he vowed to be completely DIFFERENT. Dr. Zac understands what you are going through and will make room for you in his schedule and treat you as soon as possible. We are DIFFERENT than what you are used to: we will RESPECT your time, we will RELIEVE your pain, and we will make sure you can sleep COMFORTABLY at night. Call us during normal business hours and we will get you in ASAP or you can leave an emergency message when we are not here and Dr. Zac will be paged and respond to you IMMEDIATELY.

8. Competence and skill.

Have you ever been treated by a dentist who seemed like he didn’t even know what he was doing? With SHAKING HANDS and a CONFUSED look on his/her face trying to figure out or remember what he/she’s supposed to do next? And when he/she is finished they try to RUSH you out of the office before you have time to figure out what they did WRONG! Doesn’t this completely FREAK YOU OUT? One of the first things you’ll notice when working with our dentist is how CONFIDENT and SKILLFUL he is. After every crown, filling, veneer, etc. he can’t wait to hand his patient a mirror and SHOW OFF how beautiful his work looks. He truly is an ARTIST when it comes to dentistry. Beyond how artistic he is he also spends hours upon hours each week studying and taking continuing education classes on how to better himself as a dentist. He is ON TOP of his profession and nothing is standing in his way to becoming what he desires to be more than anything: THE BEST DENTIST YOU HAVE EVER HAD!

9. Friendly, Caring Staff

Have you ever had a staff member at a dentist’s or doctor’s office been downright RUDE to you? Have you ever had them act LIKE YOU’RE NOT EVEN THERE, or treat you like you’re NOT A REAL PERSON but rather JUST ANOTHER NUMBER waiting in line? Do they treat you like they’ve got something better to do or are TOO BUSY to talk to you and make you feel UNIMPORTANT? Well YOU ARE IMPORTANT! This unacceptable behavior is seen so often throughout dental offices, medical offices, etc. that it is EMBARRASSING to the profession. You deserve much better and we are here to show you that there is a dentist’s office out there that’s DIFFERENT, a dental office that will treat you like you deserve to be treated. Our staff will treat you so well you’ll think you’re our only customer!

10. Mercury free fillings!

Do you have DISGUSTING dark grey or black fillings in your mouth? Do you know that there is mercury in those fillings and that MERCURY IS A POISON*? Did you know that you can have all your dark fillings replaced with BEAUTIFUL white fillings very easily in as little as one visit? Finally, a dentist is out there who has completely given up the OUT OF DATE practice of placing mercury containing silver fillings. He has perfected the art of white composite fillings to the point that you can’t see or feel them as being different then the rest of your teeth. You will LOVE your new METAL FREE smile!

*The mercury contained in silver/mercury (amalgam) fillings has not been proven to cause a significant amount of toxicity in people having these fillings although there is constant debate over whether or not this is true. Only time and a lot more study and debate will tell, but one way to be sure you’re not getting mercury poisoning is to not have it in your mouth.