Our primary goal is customer satisfaction, and that makes these patient testimonials priceless. Contact us today, and we’d like to earn a testimonial from you too! Below is a sample of some of our favorite patient testimonials.

Dear Dr. Zac. I would like to say thank you for returning my smile after 25 years of not having it. I am a single 60 year old man that was lacking a few teeth. My bridges were just about gone and my front caps were broken at the gum line. Needless to say I did not smile at all. Dr. Zac fixed that. I was in his office a year and a half ago to get an estimate. The x-rays were taken and I was given the estimate of total mouth replacement at a reasonable price for all the work involved. I left his office thinking how to raise the money to get my smile back again.  I was contacted by phone 6 months later by Kerri, the business manager, with a soft reminder.  Still no money, but that did not deter Dr. Zac. They just said we will help any way we can offering financing by an outside source. Still no smile. Another 6 months went by with a short note from the business manager, Kerri, just asking if there was anything we can do. Still not pushy, just kind words of encouragement.  Still no money and no smile. Finally after one and a half years later the eagle landed and I received a settlement. the next day I walked in to Dr. Zac’s office and believe it or not, they not only remembered my name bu the work needing to be done! I went in, sat down and Dr. Zac looked at my teeth (or lack of) and recommended a better plan of attack. He re-figured the cost and actually dropped the price by three thousand dollars. I asked when could he start and he said he could start today, so 3 hours later I was back in the chair and Dr. Zac pulled 17 teeth in only a half an hour with little pain.  I was surprised.  I went home that night with the hope of a full smile but worried about the dentures.  I have several friends that have dentures that don’t fit very well. After 2 fittings with molds of my jaws a denture lab technician was in the office, his name was Reg I beleive, with the latest tech tip and watched Dr. Zac whom performed flawlessly. 2 Weeks later I went in for the fitting with the teeth and OMG they fit so well we had trouble removing them and they were beautiful, the color, they looked like me real teeth, only better. I left Dr. Zac’s office that day with the confidence of a Hollywood star and a smile to match, let me tell you this, if you need dentures or cosmetic dentistry of any kind and do not visit Dr. Zac you will surely miss out because in my 60 years on this planet I have never seen teeth like mine.  I have only been back one time for a small adjustment, they fit like a good glove and I could not be happier. Good job Dr. Zac!
This is a non-solicited testimonial. Any questions about my smile contact me at tmoney499@hotmail.comand if you’re ever in Port Hueneme, CA and see am man with the best looking smile around, that would be me, walking 10 feet about the ground once again with the greatest smile going.  Thank you Dr. Zac, great job. 
I remain as always,
Anthony J. Depaolis III

It was a pleasant experience and everyone was so helpful. What can I say?
Barry Wallace, Port Hueneme

What can I possibly say other then YOU guys are the best in town!!! Not because we are friends… and not because we provide services for one another! It’s that customer service is KEY!!!
Paul Goldberg, Camarillo

I will, of course, refer you guys to anyone who may be seeking a dentist.
Jill McDonald, Oxnard

Dr. Potts was very nice and the whole staff makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I would definitely recommend service to my friends.
Chelsey W, Port Hueneme

If I were any more comfortable, reassured or confident I would just move in! Thanks for absolutely everything!
Polly Pride, Port Hueneme

Great Dr. and STAFF!!!!!! You guys make me WANT to go to the dentist!!!
Patrick Parkhurst, Oxnard

As a patient of Dr. Potts I have been very impressed with the service, patient care, and professional atmosphere and character always presented by Dr. Potts and his entire staff. Dr. Potts demonstrated his commitment to high quality patient care when an emergency situation occurred one weekend and without hesitation my call was returned in under 20 minutes and Dr. Potts immediately attended to the emergency call after hours. I extend my appreciation for such highly professional patient care.
Lisa Jarret, Health Insurance Services, Camarillo, CA

For the first time in 40 years I don’t mind nor am I hesitant about going to the dentist! My experience with Dr. Zachary Potts has been a most positive one – he is knowledgeable, pleasant and a very gentle dentist. He answers your questions and explains to you what he is doing. He is very patient with the patient (me!). His staff is wonderful too! It is truly a pleasure going to Dr. Potts. Thank you for moving to the Hueneme area!
Kaye Zeitzman, Port Hueneme, CA

I would very much like to recommend Dr. Potts and his staff to anyone needing dental care. The atmosphere is relaxed and very clean. Dr. Potts is gentle and very thorough. The staff is polite, friendly and welcoming. All procedures were painless and I feel a lot of confidence when I have them done. I say BRAVO!
June Russel, Port Hueneme, CA

I dont’ want to go to any other dentist! Dr. Potts does not hurt me and I am no longer afraid of the dentist. From my heart, I trust him.
Sonia Smith, Oxnard

Before I came to see Dr. Potts, my teeth were in bad shape. I had chipped yellow teeth, several cavities, and much needed root canals and crowns. I was well informed on the details of the work to be done on my teeth. With modern techniques and state of the art equipment, Dr. Potts and his exceptional staff have given me a smile to be proud of. I feel better and look better. I’ve always wanted beautiful teeth and now, thanks to Dr. Potts, I have them!
John Crebassa, Camarillo

I am 60 years old, and I have a mouthful of plenty of dental work by numerous dentists. I am convinced that Dr. Zac is not only a very thorough, competent dentist, but I think he’s the best I’ve ever been to. He diagnosed a painful problem with a bridge that two other dentists couldn’t see, and fixed it perfectly for me. His routine exams are more thorough than any I have had previously. I recently moved to Oregon , but I intend to schedule my California visits so that I continue to benefit from his excellent dentistry.” … “I just had a dental appointment here in Corvallis, Oregon. The dentist examined my teeth and he had only one comment about all the dental work in my mouth; he said “that bridge is absolutely excellent dental work.” A few minutes later he commented about it again to his assistant, and called it “that beautiful bridge.” Of course, Dr. Zachary Potts did that bridge. I had a strong feeling that Dr. Potts is the best dentist I’ve been to, but this dentist’s comment just proved what I knew all along! My thanks to Dr. Potts!
Dianne Safford – Corvallis, Oregon

“Dear Dr. Potts: Thank you for the excellent dental care. You are the only dentist that has ever provided me with a completely pain-free dental experience. I look forward to referring my family, friends, and neighbors to you.
Michael Irwin – Ventura, CA