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What Are The Causes Of Sensitive Teeth?


One of the most popular oral disease is the sensitive teeth. Sensitive gums are the advanced kind of gum disease, which is caused on account of prolonged retention of plaque within the gum line. It is possible to treat sensitive gums by using natural and medical procedures. Any dental procedure on this sort of sensitive gums will be somewhat painful. In certain cases, a person might have sensitive teeth after the process of filling. For more info about Receding Gums Treatment

This is usually very annoying because it causes a lot of pain in addition to that, most of the time, it causes very difficult to eat certain foods and drinks. That is why it is very important to address this problem in time and enjoy a good dental health. Here are the most common causes of sensitive teeth.

In general, the high sensitivity of the teeth is due to a gradual exposure of dentin, the soft surface beneath the tooth enamel. This last has inside a lot of small tubes which, in turn, are composed by nerve endings that are filled with liquid. Heat or cold cause the fluid to move through the tubes of dentin, and creating discomfort or pain. About the author

Brushing too hard

Many people believe that brushing hard, do many times a day or use a stiff brush will ensure them a deep clean and good dental health. However, this is not so. By contrast, dentists recommend not doing any of these things because they wear the enamel of our teeth, threatening exposure of dentin. These habits can also cause receding gums.


Due to stress or strain it is very common that some people while they sleep tighten the jaw and, consequently, gnash their teeth (bruxism). Many times this happens unconsciously, so the person does not realize that he is doing. Of course, teeth grinding can increase the chances of having a high sensitivity in the teeth and exposing the dentin. For More Visit Natural Healing For Receding Gums



The gingivitis is a disease that destroys the supporting tissues of the teeth (as gums, periodontal ligament and tooth sockets) due to an infection and inflammation of them. Therefore, the inflamed gums and tooth root is exposed. So you can have tooth sensitivity. If some of the symptoms of gingivitis are experienced, it is highly recommended to treat in time to avoid other problems. See it here

Receding gums

Receding gums characterized latter shrink, exposing the dentin. The problem can be caused by an infection (such as gingivitis) or even by having malpractices oral hygiene like brushing strong or use a bristle brush very hard. With first signs of receding gums should take the necessary measures to prevent it from appearing in our teeth sensitivity.

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Age may also be a cause of tooth sensitivity. Over the years, the enamel of our teeth is lost as part of a natural cycle. That is why, in some cases, this exposes the dentin, causing high sensitivity. In these cases, there are some treatments to ease discomfort.


The bacteria and toxins generated by plaque results in the gums to acquire swollen, infected, and tender. Receding gums can be caused on account of periodontal diseases, or as a result of misaligned teeth, causing excess plaque to build up within the gum line. If this plaque isn’t removed, it might produce toxins that will irritate the gums.

Hormonal Changes

Women may experience sensitive gums when pregnant, puberty, menopause, as well as at the exact time of menstruation., then it’s best to visit your physician and ask for any alternative medicine.

Moreover, nutritional deficiency can cause tender and sensitive gums. Inflammation of gums is recognized as gingivitis. It can lead to mouth ulcers and may even irritate the gums.

Hot Or Cold Foods

Discomfort in consuming cold or hot foods, or liquids since your gums might have become sensitive. Since bacteria thrive on foods or beverages rich in carbohydrates, one has to reduce intake of foods which are sugary, starchy or acidic. Burning gums aren’t a significant health concern.


Given below are the stages in addition to the symptoms of the disease. Realizing the reasons would not just help in fighting with the issue, but additionally in preventing the problem of painfully inflamed and sensitive gums in the near future.  Click Now To Read More  Swollen Gum Around One Tooth Treatment

  • Swollen and red gums are among the most significant signals of sensitive gum.
  • In some instances gums might also become red in color and kids could also suffer from sensitive gums as a result of vitamin C deficiency.
  • Sometimes, a tooth, which has a dental crown can also be sensitive to cold.
  • Baby teething is among the inevitable factors behind sore teeth and gums.

It’s known that certain medicines which are prescribed to counter diseases like high blood pressure as well as heart diseases irritate gums. This is only because, either the issue does not show any symptoms or even in case that it does, the intensity of these symptoms at first, is so small the person has a tendency to ignore them!

If you take your gum pain lightly and ignored, it can result in irreversible issues.

Treatment For Periodontal Disease

  • You need to use a fluoride-free all-natural toothpaste in case your gums bleed.
  • Overall dental hygiene is needed to avoid receding gums.
  • The floss should be utilized with care to be able to avert almost any injury to the gums.
  • Eating an apple every day is an alternative approach to empower the gums.
  • Suck on several ice chips, or possibly a lemon drop to heal the gum irritation.
  • Mouthwash with an active ingredient of chlorhexidine, is good to use for sensitive gums.

You might also desire to try different kinds of toothpaste to view how your gums will react to them. It’s an obvious indication of unhealthy gums. Your dentist can do tests on your gums and teeth, to find out the real cause of the problem.

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